Where to Enjoy a Budget Friendly Night in Brisbane

Everyone loves a good night out right? and it’s even better if you don’t have to spend your life savings. (okay, maybe a little exaggeration, but for a uni student/people living on a budget like thyself, it does take away the anxiety of a costly night out) The thing I love about Brisbane is that life doesn’t stop after dark, as I grew up in a smaller town where nothing was open after 5pm. 🙁 So, here is the list of my favourite cheap things to do in Brisbane at night. (that can extent past the 5pm cerfew) 


1. Explore Southbank

(It's pretty obvious, but I had to include it)

I love Southbank because it’s a) easy to get to and from, from all angles (train, bus, car and even ferry!), b) it is family friendly after dark, which can be difficult to find sometimes, and c) has amazing food, drinks and entertainment.  For those after a more relaxing night, Southbank offers the Collective markets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday day/evening. This is a great place to score a unqiue handcrafted piece of art, or zone out whilst you get a mesmerizing Henna tattoo. In regards to dinner, the options are literally endless. There are resturants and cafes within Southbank itself (ranging from fast food to pub style to fine dining), but if you walk just one street back from Southbank, there is 2 more streets filled with endless choices.

To find out more visit eatsouthbank.com.au, it explains in more detail everything you need to know, from the best eats to where the free parking is (always a bonus).

2. Unwind and Enjoy Howard Smith Wharves

The Wharves consist of a variety of restaurants, one including a cocktail bar (they aren’t cheap obvs), and sits on the river’s edge directly underneath the north side of Story Bridge. It was only completed in the latter of 2018 so it’s updated, stylish and fresh.  I’m including this gem because you can come and enjoy the amazing atmosphere without over spending, as many of the dishes are reasonably priced (~20) in regards to quality and the whole dining experience. They have also just recently been featured on Australia’s Masterchef as a cooking location!


3. Have a bbq/picnic at Kangaroo Point Cliffs

I absolutely love the cliffs! This is the place to go for a great dinner on a budget.  With numerous bbq’s and picnic tables and a stunning panoramic view of the city, it’s the ideal place to chill out with friends.  It also feels safe and welcoming as there are always people about walking their dog or exercising, along with having ample lighting at night and good parking for where it’s situated. If you got the extra cash, you could also squeeze in an abseil down the cliff with riverlife!!

City skyline view from Kangaroo Point Clifftop - Photo by: Brisbane Local Marketing

4. Visit The Valley for Happy Hour

I discovered this the other week with my mum actually.  (what?? I still hang out with her? yes, she’s a godsend!) Anyway back to it, this was a great find as I’m from the southside of Brisbane (Brisbane is basically split in half by a winding river, so locals call it the southside and northside), so I don’t venture to the north side as much.  We happened to be meeting up at that time between afternoon snack and dinner, so we thought we might as well sit down somewhere to soak up the atmosphere, and we came across a bar that was selling pizza’s from $5! (and yes it was better than Dominos by a long shot) Otherwise there are many more deals that you’ll come across when meandering down Brunswick st. 

5. Explore Eat Street

Eat street is posted everywhere as the place to go, and so it should be!! Some may argue that it’s more expensive than expected (due to an entry cost – $3, plus food, drinks and dessert) but to me, for what you get, it’s a pretty awesome deal, simply down to the amazing vibe. There are fairy lights strung up everywhere, live music performing at three stages all throughout the evening, and the whole area feeling of excitement and suspense, as you can slip through the alley ways of China town, wondering what’ll be around the corner, only to find another stage with a whole different set of food choces! In other words, the whole place is constructed from shipping containers, each housing a food vendor offering delicious dishes. Because of this, they are able to stack the shipping containers in any way they want, allowing a maze like adventure from start to finish . It is a bit out of the way, which is a bummer, but it’s still an easy drive there, and you can even ride the ferry there which is amazing. 

For more about Eat Street visit – www.eatstreetmarkets.com


Golden Gaytime Conut
My delicious Golden Gaytime Conut
The Lane Way - with a stage with a live band at the end, and each side is lined with various food vendors
Live music at the Laneway - one of the 3 stages

That’s all for now, I hope you guys enjoy checking out some of my favourite spots to go at night! I’m hoping to upload new content at least once a week, so stay tuned for my next post.

– Cheers, moi x

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