Vegan Eats in West End on a Budget

It’s amazing how time flies! It has now been over a year since changing to a vegan diet and lifestyle, and let me say it’s has been a great experience. I’m not an activist, I’ll state that from the start, I’m of the opinion that I’d love everyone to become vegan but I know it is very hard for some (meat does have distinct tastes, you really can’t deny it) and I am happy if all they do is respect my decision. Anyway, I can continue this chat on another post, let’s get back to business.

Brisbane, what a lovely city, and what an even better place for vegan cafés and restaurants! Today I’m going to solely focus on West End, an inner suburb just across the river from the CBD. West End may be in Brisbane, but it gives extremely Melbourne vibes, which I totally love! Having family in Melbourne, it always made me appreciate good coffee and funky alleyway cafes.  This list is going to be ‘budget’ because that is literally my whole diet, so these meals cost in the $10-20 range. I love food, but I LOVE A GOOD DEAL even more! A little disclaimer, as I’ve only been in Brisbane for a year and a bit there are still places I have yet to experience and when I do, I’ll add them to this list, so without further ado, here’s my top vegan places to dine in West End. 🙂

1. Flora by Greenhouse  

This place recently opened up in 2018 and damn was I glad they did. I’m a stubborn person, so when “zoodles” became a thing, I wanted to stay as far away as possible so I wouldn’t get caught up in the trend. But after trying them here for the first time, I was really bummed that I hadn’t tried them sooner! It was such a good difference from normal pasta as it allowed them to get more creative with the flavours, with the “cashew cheese” sprinkle and kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes. As zucchini by itself (no matter how organically grown) it a pretty dead flavour bomb.

In regards to other dishes, I have been back about three times now and every visit is just as good as the last. The place has such a good vibe aswell, with flourishing plants cascading down the walls and well positioned windows to let the light seep in.

A cold zucchini noodle salad with kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, spinach, dill, and a cashew cheese sprinkle.


Check ’em out here! – @flora_bygreenhouse

2. Grown

Located on the other end of west end is this cute little place, hidden away between a couple of apartment blocks. let’s just say, best freshly prepared toasties I’ve ever had, and only $12!!


Go and take a peek –

2. Miss Bliss Wholefoods

This place is not entirely vegan, but it has an extensive range, and it is just so good I couldn’t disregard it. I only tried this pace out very recently and I think it is my favourite! This is simply down to the cost:quantity ratio, along with it being so damn tasty whilst essentially just consisting of wholefoods. I like this cafe as even though it is not 100% ethical, it allows me to have a delicious meal that I know is definitely vegan, with evidence of time and thought going into the meal planning, with family or friends who follow a different diet.

4. Brisbane Vegan Market (not a cafe but I wanted to include it)

And last but definitely not least is this amazing vegan market that’s held every 2nd Sunday. This place is a vegan market lovers dream! It’s not huge, I’ll say that now, but it has everything you need; freshly cooked food from various cuisines, dessert stalls with cupcakes and other treats, and other market stalls with goods ranging from faux leather bags to vegan beef jerky. But back to the food, there are normally around 10 or more stalls which can change with each market. The quality is great along with the serving sizes being reasonable, and they range in cost up to an average of $15 for a more filling meal. Pictured below is the Turkish share platter and the Tibetan dumplings that my friend and myself engulfed in about 5 minutes.


They’re pretty active so go a have a look 🙂 –

So that’s it for now, this is my first ever blog post so I hope you enjoyed it. Please write me questions in the comment section or give me any writing advice if you know where I can improve my style. Cheers, Moi xx

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  1. I’ll have to check out these vegan eats, as l’ve been to the Brisbane Vegan Market and l love the Sri Lankan Curries there!

  2. I love this!! My younger sister is in Brisbane atm and i a passionate vegan for the last year. Will forward this read to her 🙂 🙂

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